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Call the Right Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

For Spectrum sales support, call this number: 1-855-267-6680

Para asistencia de ventas de Spectrum, llame al: 1-855-464-4098

For Time Warner Cable (TWC) sales assistance, call this number: 1-855-267-6775

Para asistencia de ventas de Time Warner Cable (TWC) llame al 1-844-760-1305

For Bright House Network sales assistance, call this number: 1-855-267-6774

Para asistencia de ventas de Bright House Network, llame ahora: 1-855-267-6670

For Spectrum Business sales support, call this number: 1-855-267-6768

Para ventas de Spectrum Business, llame ahora: 1-855-267-6672

Charter Communications®, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks all operate under the same brand name, “Spectrum”.

In case of confusion, feel free to call the Spectrum customer service number located on top, and you will be routed to the correct support department.

To know further about the billing, Internet, TV, Voice or Mobile service, enter your zip code or view details on

Spectrum business support is available to the customers regarding their queries about business bundles, TV, phone or fiber internet, instantly.

Spectrum currently serves businesses in 41 states. Call the above-mentioned numbers to confirm Spectrum Fiber pricing and availability in your neighborhood. Also, you can check Spectrum business support coverage across the U.S.


To identify Spectrum Business outage areas,

Create your Spectrum Business account by clicking:

Spectrum Customer Service in 60 seconds

Support at Spectrum is not a job, but a culture. Here, the customer is the #1 priority. No matter what concerns, queries and pain-points you have, Spectrum’s customer service representatives will handle everything, and expertly, too. In other words, by providing your name and preference, you will get a quick solution that hits the mark 100% of the time. You can contact Spectrum customer support via phone call, email, chat, and more. Here’s a video that explains how Spectrum’s customer service works in detail.

Spectrum Services

How do I Pay my Spectrum Bill?

If you’re worried about dealing with a difficult billing process, then you need to put these stressful thoughts on the side. Why? Because Spectrum makes paying for its subscription services incredibly easy. Here are some of the best ways you can manage the monthly bills:

Pay by Phone

Call a Spectrum customer service billing rep. and send the billed amount via your MasterCard, Visa, debit card, American Express, checking or savings account.

Pay Online

Login to your Spectrum account, go to the billing section and choose “Make a Payment” to clear your bill instantly.

Pay via the App

Sign in to ‘My Spectrum App’ on your phone by entering your credentials. Select the Billing tab and then, “Make Payment” to transfer funds.

Pay in Store

Use the Store Locator to look for your nearest Spectrum store, and make your payment there without any processing fee.

Pay by Mail

Scan your billing statement to note the mailing address of the ISP, and then forward the money order or check in an envelope along with the remittance whenever it’s possible for you. Do not mail cash.

Besides these methods, you can always subscribe to Spectrum Auto Pay to draft payments automatically and be done with your bills right on time.

Spectrum Internet® Customer Service operates 24/7

Spectrum is one of the finest telecommunication companies in the United States of America. It is known for its Internet, TV, Voice and Wireless services. Presently, Spectrum has a massive coverage, due to its epic merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks back in 2016. Despite this footprint, Spectrum caters to all its customers with equal concern, regardless of the state they live in. You can pick up your phone at 3 a.m. and still find valuable help from Spectrum’s ever-ready customer service agents. The Spectrum Internet customer service lines are open day in and day out for people who are facing issues with their connections or have a question about a plan.

Chat about Plans, Speeds & Promotions

Spectrum hosts a 100% US-based support center that facilitates its customers from every corner of the country. Meaning, you can expect to get authentic responses from Spectrum Internet customer service related queries, whether they are about the highest broadband speeds that Spectrum offers, the monthly discounts or the installation process. For general details about customer service, refer to this link: If you need to locate your local store, you can click here, add your credentials and get the information regarding the availability of internet service in your city or state.

Get Quick Hardware Assistance

In case you are facing some technical difficulty or a hardware related problem, you can reach out to Spectrum by following this URL: When you call, make sure you have your Spectrum account number, last four digits of your social security number, pen and paper for taking notes, as well as your billing and service address information nearby. Convey your concern calmly and pay attention to the pointers given by the representative for troubleshooting your router on your own. If the issue persists, you can request the provider to send a technician to your house for a thorough inspection of the internet cables.

Handle Internet Outage like a Pro

Your internet might go out when you need it the most, and the reason behind it could be a faulty device, malware or even an incoming storm. Worry not. It happens to the best of us. To improve the performance of your internet, consider blocking file-sharing programs, examine your device for viral presence, temporarily disable the firewall or follow this link to check if there is an outage in your area. You can also report the issue to a representative, and in turn learn about the causes of the outage in your current area, and what you can do about it.

Create an Email Account to Connect Anytime

With Spectrum Internet, you can get multiple email accounts. To get started, open and sign in to your account. Once you are logged-in, select “Internet” from the navigation panel at the top of the screen, and then choose “Create Email”. After that, click on the “Create Mailbox” button and follow the on-screen directions to set up your Spectrum email account. You will now find your email address displayed clearly. Select “Go to Mailbox” and finalize account details to push emails on the go about the internet issues you might face in the long run, and connect with Spectrum support anytime you want.

Guaranteed Non-stop Entertainment by Spectrum Cable Customer Service

Spectrum offers top-notch cable TV, Internet and telephone services nationwide. It also facilitates its customers with the most valuable support platform they can find in the market. Spectrum customer service forwards the best suggestions, gives the most apt responses via email, takes phone calls 24/7 and efficiently conducts Q&A sessions on a regular basis. For the customers of Spectrum cable TV, help is just one chat away. Call the Spectrum phone number now to combat all sorts of TV-related failures and to explore new avenues of entertainment. Here is a quick review of everything you need to know about Spectrum TV® customer service:

Identify Your Remote without Hassle

Whenever there is a remote-control emergency, Spectrum lets you identify your TV remote from a detailed list that visually displays all the available models. You can find the exact make from the list, or you can choose to remove the batteries of your faulty remote and locate the code pasted inside. Call the customer service number, convey that code to the rep. and promptly order a new remote of the same design. You can even upgrade the model and have it delivered to your house on an urgent basis. Going to customer service for any issue will always prove to be worthwhile.

Set Up Your Spectrum TV® App Easily

Upon purchasing the TV subscription, you will also get access to Spectrum’s state-of-the-art mobile application that allows you to stream your favorite TV shows anywhere and at any time, as long as you have a good WiFi coverage. You can watch Live TV and On Demand content free of charge. In order to set it up, simply create your username and password, download Spectrum TV app on your phone and enter your credential to begin streaming. Spectrum's customer service is there to guide you in case you have any questions about the sign-up process, or how the Spectrum TV app works in general.

Get Guidance with Troubleshooting

Spectrum's customer service helps you troubleshoot the most common issues that you might face with your TV service. From picture distortion to streaming malfunction, the representatives lead you through the restorative process in a simple and effective manner. Usually, they suggest checking the hardware for any loose wires, refreshing the HD receiver, unplugging the gateway and plugging it back again, etc. In other words, no matter which problem you experience, Spectrum’s efficient customer service will be right within your reach. All you have to do is dial the number and your worries will vanish for good!

Learn How to Stream on

If you have questions about and wish to learn the easiest ways to set up an account, then you can contact Spectrum customer support to get a quick and professional guidance. The rep. will guide you through the five-step process, which includes subscribing to Spectrum services, getting a 300 Mbps speed plan, logging in to with your username and password, having Adobe Flash Player version 20+ and possessing the Spectrum Receiver or DVR, etc. You can check the availability of channels by entering your zip code on the site too. Sign in to your Spectrum account now to get started!

Spectrum Phone Customer Service ensures uninterrupted calls

Spectrum is one of the most reliable telecommunication companies that offer television, internet and phone facilities. It became a larger entity after taking Time Warner and Bright House Networks under its wing. With the three powers combined, Spectrum’s service quality has really seen a boost over the years. Especially, Spectrum Voice®, which has championed people’s calls across the nation like a pro. If you’ve subscribed to the spectacular phone service in addition to others, and have queries regarding it, then you can easily dial Spectrum’s number to address everything head-on.

Get Urgent Assistance with Voicemail

Before you call Spectrum’s customer service line directly, try visiting their support pages that enlist the steps for setting up Voicemail and its features. For instance, if you need to delete your messages, all you have to do is type 3 and move on to the next message. There are many other features that you can equip your landline with, such as Caller ID, Call Guard, Call Waiting or Call Forwarding, etc. To learn how to enable the ones you personally prefer and configure the settings on your own, simply dial the customer care number and let them walk you through the entire process.

Upgrade your International Calling Plan

Spectrum phone service includes unlimited nationwide calling across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Mariana Islands and American Samoa. You can add more countries to the list by simply dialing the customer support number, enquiring about the most recent prices and upgrading your international calling plans. Each country has a different per-minute rate, so learn as much as you can from the customer service representative before finalizing the plan. Lucky for you, Spectrum offers lesser calling costs than its competitors do and provides more bundled value than before. You can even pair the Spectrum Voice with Spectrum Mobile to cover both the wireless and wired connectivity grounds simultaneously.

Solve Voice Issues with Finesse

Sometimes, there are problems that you simply cannot wrap your head around. Your first instinct is to get expert opinion as soon as possible. Spectrum understands this urgency, and provides a 24/7 customer support platform that’s run by its knowledgeable and subscriber-friendly agents. So, if you’ve been experiencing distortion in your calls, echoes in the background, static interruptions, sudden call drops and spotty signal coverage, then you can easily remedy these Voice issues by contacting Spectrum’s incredible customer support. The representatives will listen to your pleas of help calmly and provide you step-wise information that’s relevant and precise.

Find Backup in Times of Crisis

In case of emergency, such as a power outage or a storm, you might lose connectivity and signal reception. No need to panic, though, as Spectrum offers a backup battery along with its Voice plans, especially for this purpose. The battery restores your calls and allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones. If you haven’t already acquired the battery backup, you can still place your order by calling at (833) 267-6094. In case your battery starts acting up, you can always get a replacement. So, as you may see, Spectrum facilitates its customers with everything they need – be it timely information, troubleshooting guidance or equipment installation.

Spectrum Support and Coverage Areas

It doesn’t matter if you live in a suburb or a giant metropolitan city, Spectrum customer service is available consistently throughout the US to each and every single home. From well-renowned states like NY, Florida, Ohio, NC and Hawaii to thriving cities such as NYC, Tampa, Orlando, San Diego, Austin and Charlotte, no subscriber is deprived of the wonderful support that Spectrum provides 24/7. It doesn’t matter how big or small your issue is, whether it’s related to internet, phone or TV service, you can pick up the phone or initiate an online chat session and get a speedy response to your problem – anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Additional ways to contact Spectrum customer support

You can contact Spectrum customer service in a variety of ways, depending on which option is more suitable to you. Apart from dialing their customer support phone number(s), you can use these shortcuts:


Live Chat

Look at the bottom right of your screen and click on “Ask Spectrum” to initiate a textual chat in real time with the virtual agent. Note that Spectrum allows only one virtual chat window to be open at a single time.


Remote Assistance

Head over to if you’re already mid-call with the support agent. Accept the terms & conditions, enter the code provided by the rep. and allow Spectrum’s customer service to connect to your computer directly for further assistance.


Social Media

Try the provider’s different social media handles and drop your DMs. Tweet Spectrum Customer Care at or place your bet on Spectrum’s Facebook page:


Online Account

To benefit from Spectrum’s Support Library, log in to your online account and view different solutions and resources to resolve conflicts on the go.


Store Visit

Spectrum has 92262 stores with full service nationwide. If you want face-to-face help, use Spectrum Store Locator to find your nearest Spectrum store and head over there to get support on a variety of issues, from payments to installation.


Mobile Access

For Spectrum Mobile related queries, go to to read up on a wealth of information, surrounding billing and other technicalities.

What are the Ideal Spectrum Customer Service Hours?

Although Spectrum support lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is recommended that you make contact in the following hours to get the best settlement and offers:

Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Sunday 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST

Most Optimal Time to Call 10:15 a.m.

Spectrum Phone Number

Spectrum Self-Help Resource Library

Frequently Asked Questions About Spectrum Customer Service

You can reach out to Spectrum customer service by visiting

Para el servicio al cliente de Spectrum en español, llame al: 1-855-464-4098

Yes, Spectrum customer care lines are open 24/7 all throughout the year.

Login to your Spectrum account and click on “Ask Spectrum” to report a service outage or know more about the steps to deal with it.

Spectrum Business customers can call this number 1-855-267-6768 to get all their sales related queries answered.

Para el servicio al cliente de negocios de espectro en español llame: 1-855-267-6672

To discontinue your Spectrum subscription, visit or call the customer service department. You can even have a live chat session on the site, but the best way is to make the direct call and cancel.

If you wish to order a service plan and get hooked to Spectrum’s amazing Internet, TV, and phone, then you need only call 1-844-481-5993.

Yes, you can call a Spectrum billing agent and transfer funds via your credit card, debit card, savings or checking account, etc.

There are more than one ways you can contact Spectrum’s customer support. These include, calling, reaching out via your Spectrum account, leaving a DM on Spectrum’s social media profiles, or visiting Spectrum’s nationwide stores, etc.

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